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BGP question
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Author:  jayp250 [ Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  BGP question

i have situation where i'm receiving a /26 subnet via CPE router and i only want to advertise /29 subnet to EBGP. is there any way to do that? i can't advertise whole /26 as it breaks other customer. Note: /29 prefix does not
live on the box so i can't advertise them directly. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Note: working on Juniper MX.

So far what i did is

static {
route {

This will install /29 prefix in RIB and does not participate in forwarding decision and from the RIB i advertised to EBGP. would never advertised the /29.

Next i tried this --- didn't work out.

set routing-instances routing-options static route next-hop <cpe Ip >
set policy-options policy-statement term 1 from route static <24blah blah> then accept , term 2 then reject
set routing-options protocol bgp export < >

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