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Post  Post subject: IP Subnetting Raneg Assigning...?  |  Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 12:02 pm

IP Subnetting Raneg Assigning...?

Hi All,

I'm a bit confused about assigning IP address from IP Ranges.

I am using this scenario below to understand.

Scenario an international IT solutions company, is launching 12 new branches in a new country where they currently have no existing branches. The sWin CIO has asked that each subnet should host at least 1000 devices.

sWin has obtained a network address of This address needs to be subnetted further. The internal subnet mask will be /22

The company’s subnet plan allows for:

- Router Pool: 2 router interfaces for each subnet – the first 2 IP addresses from each subnet.
- Managed Network Device Pool: The first 20 IP addresses that follow the Router Pool are reserved for switches and other network devices
- Server Pool: The first 20 IP addresses following the Managed Network Device Pool are reserved for servers.
- Workstation Static Pool: The first 10 IP addresses following the Server Pool are reserved for Workstations that require static IP addresses.
- Workstation DHCP Pool: The remaining IP addresses are reserved for automatic IP configuration

You have been asked to use subnet 9 for your device addressing.

Configure the first IP address from the Server Pool to Lon-DC1.
Configure the first IP address from the Workstation Static Pool to sWinPC1.
Configure the first IP address from the Router Pool to be the default gateway.

So I have the IP address range as such: is the Network ID and is the Broadcast address.

Now can some one explain me how the IP ranges will be assigned having found the IP ranges as such, I understand that since the last borrowed bit is place holder of 4 the IP ranges will also be in 4, for example -, which means that if I use the 9th subnet the IP Range is -, however my teacher has explained me (which I did not understand for some reason) in a way that IP range 9th subnet will be etc.

I'm confused as to when to use my method for IP ranges and when to use my teachers.

Please, Thank You

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